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CEO Mariam Crichton interviewed on Unity Thursday podcast

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Posted on 25 Jul 2023

The Power of Role Models:
Mariam Crichton, CEO & Co-Founder of 7 Satya

This week we speak to the incredible Mariam Crichton, CEO and Co-Founder of 7 Satya, Advisory Specialist for MBodha, Forum member of TNFD and Scientific Committee Member of Axless Impact . Mariam has been the entrepreneurial driving force of the growth of many tech start-ups, over the last 16 years.

We talk about starting 7 Satya as brand of integrity, how coaching as helped Mariam overcome imposter syndrome, the challenges that women face in fundraising and Mariam’s experience of starting her businesses. Mariam tells us about feeling like a reluctant leader and how connecting with role models helped her to envisage herself as taking the lead.

7 Satya is a company founded to bring transparency to finance through unparalleled technology.

Mariam’s philosophical book was ‘The Prophet’ by Khalil Gibran.

Find out more and have a listen -> https://unitythursday.com/

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